Drama King

The King.

That’s what they call him.

A 6-8 freight train in his 15th season that is still considered as an MVP favorite, and is capable of appearing in his 8th consecutive NBA Finals.

Rings? He’s got three of them. Philanthropy? He sends thousands of kids to college every year.

A hairline? Okay, everybody can’t have everything, but you get it.

LeBron James is almost the perfect athlete. He’s royalty to this generation.

But if there’s one thing I can honestly say that he’s the king of… it’s being dramatic.


(I’ll stop typing when I start lying.)

Remember ‘The Decision’ 8 years ago? The hour-long TV special that ran specifically for LeBron, so he could announce his departure for Miami.

Or what about his first-person essay in Sports Illustrated in 2014? The time he revealed that he would return to the Cavaliers, so he could bring Cleveland a championship.

And now we’re entering a new ‘LeBron Sweepstakes’ where the basketball world is in a frenzy because everyone keeps asking the same question: Where is Mr. James playing next?

giphy (2)

Now this is not the part in the blog where I predict his next team based on history, investigative reports, surveys, or whatever. But I will, however, go into detail about what would be the most LeBron-esque free agency move, and why it makes sense.

Peep my theory.

About a week ago, The King revealed his final four: 76ers, Lakers, Rockets, and of course, the Cavaliers. Out of these options, only 2 make sense. The 76ers are still “processing,” and the young Lakers aren’t a good fit for a soon-to-be 16-year veteran.

Cleveland is only a realistic option because it’s home. But he has left before, and he will leave again.

“Leave the Land?” Yes. This is the same city that burned his jerseys in the street, and LeBron gave them a Larry O’Brien Trophy in return. They’re even.

“But why Houston?” Ask yourself, “why Miami?” and you’ll get your answer. LeBron has friends there. CP3 has been like a brother his whole career, and his boy is ring-less. LeBron would love to sign a two-year deal for that cause. As a matter of fact, I’ll even call him pulling one of his typical GM moves mid-season to get a trade for Carmelo Anthony.

“He’s not leaving the East, bruh.” That does sound, crazy right? The idea of ‘Bron leaving a conference that can’t beat him is ludicrous. But you know what would add great value to the LeBron storyline that people love to glorify? Other than finally dethroning the Warriors, he faces the player that wants to destroy him in the Finals…Kyrie. Subsequently, the NBA doesn’t lose ratings.

giphy (1)

Like I said, I’m not into making predictions. I’m just speaking on possibilities. And the way LeBron tells us this time is through a pic on Instagram posted at 3:23 p.m. tagging Chris Paul in it with a Drake lyric as the caption, and I’ll be disappointed if I’m not entertained the slightest bit.



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